What is Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga?

An important component of yoga is its functional nature. As a result, all body systems and parts work together to form a whole, which is how the human body is used. As a result of this work, you will burn more calories, improve body/mind awareness, and enhance the movement pathways in the body for enhanced agility, mobility, and grace.

Today, we will be looking at how Vinyasa Yoga can help with your core strength as well as other benefits this yoga practice has. 

What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa yoga involves flowing from posture to posture in a seamless manner, using your breath to connect one to the next.  Also known as “flow” yoga. 

Vinyasa Yoga consists of a variety of movements that help to develop a more balanced body and prevent repetitive motion injuries that can occur if you always do the same thing every day.

The philosophy of Vinyasa acknowledges that things are temporary.  We enter into a posture, remain there for a while, then leave. 

Vinyasa is said to have originated with T Krishnamacharya, who has had the greatest impact on how yoga is practiced today.

If you combine all this, you can see that Vinyasa is a breath-based practice that connects every action of our life with the intent of moving towards what is sacred to us.

How does it help with core strength?

By bringing the body into a state of physical strength, flexibility, and vitality, as well as the mind into a state of balance and stillness, Vinyasa Flow helps you create a “container” for your experiences and movements.

Ashtanga Vinyasa exercises are known as Vinyasas or flows, and they help you build strength, specifically in the core and upper body, which enhances posture and improves your daily activity, and allows you to maintain a strong metabolic rate.

By practicing Vinyasa Flow, one can build and maintain strong bones, muscles, and connective tissue to maintain a high metabolism, a healthy posture, and an active and alive body. As you get stronger, you are able to build a stronger core. This results in better posture, a stronger body and a better overall lifestyle. 

What are the benefits of Vinyasa yoga?

Vinyasa yoga can improve your energy levels whilst promoting relaxation and helping to lower your stress levels. Other benefits include:

  • Endurance and strength training
    Due to the challenging poses are done in quick succession, Vinyasa yoga helps build muscle strength while improving your fitness.
  • Stability and balance
    a 2015 study,  in the journal ‘PLoS One’ found that for people with low vision, a course of Ashtanga-based yoga led to an improved sense of balance and a decreased risk of falling.
  • Cardio workout
    According to a 2013 study in the Journal of Yoga & Physical Therapy, Vinyasa yoga is a light-intensity cardio workout because of its fast-paced movements.
  • Lower stress and anxiety
    Vinyasa yoga was found to be beneficial to women going through cognitive behavioral therapy to stop smoking, according to a 2012 study. This yoga practice also helped the study participants to quit smoking. 

Final Thoughts

When developing strength, it’s important to work at your own pace, modifying rotations and movements as your body gets stronger and more flexible, as well as your technique improves. Always prioritize technique and safety over intensity or repetition. Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice will be most rewarding if you work in the posture you desire.

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