What is The Yoga Philosophy?

Understanding Yoga and its Philosophy

Did you know that Yoga is one of the six primary orthodox schools of Hinduism? Ancient, Medieval, and most modern literature often refers to Yoga philosophy as Yoga. 

Yoga helps relax your mind, body, and soul. It is a modality that can help awaken your deepest thoughts, allowing you to work through your emotional traumas and make peace with them. 

Yoga is often seen as an exercise that can help strengthen your core, but there is more to this modality than you think. Below, we will learn the philosophy of yoga, some of its benefits, and the overall goal of this practice. 

The Yoga Philosophy

Yoga has one main philosophy: mind, body, and spirit are connected and cannot be separated. 

The practice of yoga helps give us a blueprint to follow. It is believed that this blueprint will help lead us to a happier, healthier, and peaceful life. It is going to help guide you to a deep and long-lasting feeling of contentment. 

Yoga is similar to Buddhism in the sense that it is believed that spiritual ignorance creates suffering and binds us to the wheel of Samara. This is the cycle of rebirth. If we take away the ignorance, we can walk down the path of a better lifestyle, a happier soul, and overall better wellbeing. 

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can provide you with several benefits. Some benefits are even scientifically proven

  1. Improves your strength, balance, and flexibility
    By doing slow movements and deep breathing, you can increase your blood flow and warm up your muscles. This will help with your muscle flexibility. The poses are designed to strengthen your muscles which will result in better balance. 
  2. It May help ease Arthritis symptoms
    Johns Hopkins reviews 11 studies. The studies suggest that gentle yoga movements can ease some of the discomfort and pain caused by arthritis in your joints. 
  3. Aids in relaxation
    Studies have shown that having a consistent bedtime yoga routine can help you get into the right mindset before bed. This will prepare your body to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. 
  4. Helps with stress management
    Yoga helps you deal with your stress and improves your mental health, mindfulness, and quality of sleep. By doing yoga regularly, you will be able to clear your mind, which can help you manage stressful situations better. 

What is the Ultimate Goal of Yoga?

The ultimate goal of yoga is a sustained state of pure awareness. This is known as the state of Moksha or Samadhi. Yoga helps one transcend the mind to realize the highest self or one’s true self. 

It helps you become one with your body. You learn how to recognize issues in your body before it becomes a bigger problem. Learning how to listen to your body, understand your body’s needs will help you obtain a state of pure awareness. 

Final Thoughts 

In this state of pure consciousness, we are our true selves. In this state of liberation, all mental and philosophical constructs fall away. Yogic philosophy is essential for reaching enlightenment and deepening one’s practice of yoga.  

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